Student Council


The Student Council is an organisation of students elected annually by the student body to oversee and plan student activities, especially those that promote healthy spiritual and social relationships.

The Dean of Students acts as adviser to the Student Council. The Student Council is concerned with all areas of student welfare. Where appropriate it brings student needs to the attention of the relevant University authority and provides input to the Academic Council on matters related to the wellbeing of students.

Student Activities

The University encourages all students to be actively involved in student activities that foster an awareness of community among students. It also provides, through the office of the Dean of Students, support for students in their communal life as well as in relation to individual students needs.

Standards of Conduct

Since students are developing as Christian leaders, they are expected to walk in the Spirit, living lives that reflect the character of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is expected of all students that their conduct will be “worthy of Christ” as God’s children.

Students should evidence a positive Christian attitude and pattern of activities at all times. Conduct unbecoming of a Christian, or which reflects adversely upon the welfare or reputation of the University or other students, will result in disciplinary action.

The kind of conduct that is expected of students is set out in the Code of Student conduct as contained in the Student handbook. All students admitted to the University promise to abide by the rules and regulations governing student life at the University. These are set out in the Student Handbook.


The emphasis in matters of student discipline at the University is on counselling and support to enable students to develop the qualities of character necessary for their intended ministry rather than on imposing penalties. The primary aim is to enable students to develop self-discipline rather than respond to external constraints. However, if a student does not respond to counselling by developing appropriate patterns of self-discipline, other disciplinary measures can be expected.

Student Services


  • Housing

Single students are assigned rooms in one of the student residences. Bedding and all meals are provided. Single students eat together in the University dining hall.

Some housing is available for married students but because it is limited any married student who wishes to bring his family with him must first obtain permission from the University. Students living in the married quarters are expected to provide their own meals.

  • Counseling

Realizing that personal problems always come to people, the University encourages student to discuss these matters in private with the Dean of Students. The Lord’s will is sought together through discussion, prayer, and the Word of God.

In addition to this formal counselling provided by the Dean of Students, each member of the academic staff is expected to be available for informal counselling of students.

  • Library

The University library, with its substantial and growing collection of books and journals relevant to the courses offered by the University, provides students with an important resource in their learning. Housed in a modern, spacious building, it provides a congenial environment for research and study.

  • Medical facilities

Medical facilities are available in the government hospital at Machakos town. In the event of illness, students are encouraged to take advantage of such facilities. A number of private clinics are also available in town at the student’s expense. Basic medicine is available without charge on campus from an appointed student.

  • Student Handbook

The Student Handbook that is distributed to all new students provides a detailed guide to student life and the relevant University rules and regulations.

  • “Scott and You”

A student committee, with a staff adviser, produces the annual University magazine, “Scott and You”, which features articles by students and others on issues relevant to University life and the University mission.

  • Scott Alumni Association

All graduates of Scott Christian University become members of the Scott Alumni Association. This association provides an ongoing link between the University and its graduates.

Spiritual Life

Scott Christian University desires to prepare men and women of holy lives and spiritual power, “mature in Christ as men and women of God.”

In order to assist in the development of spiritual maturity while at the University, there are a number of activities and emphases for students. These include encouragement and guidance in daily personal devotions and required attendance at student prayer meetings and Sunday church services.

Chapel services are held Monday to Thursday during each term. Students are expected to attend and are provided with opportunities for active participation in these services.

In addition, students are assigned to small fellowship groups together with members of the staff. These groups meet weekly for worship and Bible study and also come together on other occasions for social interaction either on or off campus.

Each term, one day is set aside as a “Day of Prayer.” All classes open with prayer to God for his blessing.

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