Academic Regulations

Class Attendance

A student is required to attend all scheduled classes unless authorization for absence is obtained from the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students advises all lectures concerned of all authorized absences.
Where exceptional circumstances make it impossible to obtain authorization, the student shall advise both the Dean of Students and the lecturer of the circumstances as soon as possible. If satisfied that the absence was justified, the Dean of Students may treat the absence as an authorized absence without penalty and advise the lecturer accordingly.
A student with more than two unauthorized absences in the one course shall fail the course concerned.

Adding or Dropping Courses

With the permission of the Deputy Principal for Academic Affairs and the lecturer concerned, a student may add a course provided that this is done not more than one week after the beginning of classes.
A student may drop a course up to two weeks from the beginning of term without academic penalty.

Auditing of Courses

Students registered for the degree programme, and other persons in special circumstances, may be allowed to audit courses at the discretion of the Deputy Principal for Academic Affairs and the lecturer concerned. No credit is given for audited courses and participation in assessment tasks is optional.
If a registered student auditing a course attends classes with no more than two unauthorised absences, the audited courses will be included in the student’s transcript without credit. Persons not registered for the degree programme will be charged a fee.

Late Assignments

A student who is unable to complete an assignment on time should report the circumstances to the lecturer concerned with reasons for the inability to complete the assignment. If satisfied of the reasons given, the lecturer may grant an extension without penalty.
Students who fail to seek an extension before the deadline or who do not have sufficient reason for being late in submitting an assignment shall incur a penalty by having the grade for the assignment lowered by one grade level.


If a student has not completed all the required assignments for a course by the end of the term, the lectuere concerned, if satisfied that the student has good reasons for not having completed the assignments, shall grant an extension of not more than six weeks for completion of the work. In this case the term’s grade is entered as “Incomplete.”
If the assignments are completed satisfactorily within the specified time the grade shall be changed in accordance with the completed assessment. If they are not completed within this time the grade shall be changed to “F”.
Under exceptional circumstances, the Principal, on the recommendation of the lecturer concerned and after consultation with the Academic Council, may extend the time limit to a maximum of six months.

Progression to the Next Year of Study

In order to progress from one year of study to the next, a student must:

i. Achieve a grade point average of 2.00 or more for the past year’s work
ii. Pay all fees for the past year
iii. Pay at least the first term’s fees for the current year

Repeating Examinations and Courses

Where a student’s grade point average for a term is less than 2.00, the student may request permission from the Deputy Principal for Academic Affairs to sit a further examination in one subject where the grade involved was less than “C”. A fee is payable by the student for such an examination.
The student may also request permission from the Deputy Principal for Academic Affairs, either before or after sitting a further examination, to retake the course.
The granting of permission for either a further examination or retaking a course shall be at the discretion of the Deputy Principal for Academic Affairs, with a review by the Academic Council in case of a refusal. The decision of the Academic Council is final.

Academic Probation

A student whose grade point average is less than 2.00 for a term’s work, is placed on academic probation for the following term. During this probation the student is not eligible for election to the Student Council and may not participate in more than one extracurricular activity.

Discontinuation of Studies

If a student’s grade point average falls below 2.00 for three successive terms, his or her studies will be discontinued.


A student who wishes to withdraw after beginning studies is expected to apply in writing with a statement of the reason to the Deputy Principal for Academic Affairs requesting approval to withdraw. Where a student withdraws without the written approval of the Deputy Principal for Academic Affairs a note shall be entered in the student’s record indicating an unauthorised withdrawal.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate a student must:

i. Participate in all 55 required courses which include 43 core courses and 12 electives for a total of 165 credit hours.
ii. Participate in all prescribed field education assignments and learning contracts with a total of 51 credit hours.
iii. Obtain a minimum credit for course work of 159 credit hours.
iv. Obtain a minimum of 2.00 grade points each term in field education, incorporating learning contracts.
v. Obtain a grade point average for the four years in course work of not less than 2.00.
vi. Obtain a minimum of 2.00 in each of the five Integrated Examinations.
vii. Have met in full all personal obligations to the University and have returned all University property.

Notwithstanding having met the above requirements, no student will be graduated while under discipline for a breach of the Code of Student Conduct.

Graduation with Honours
Provided the other graduation requirements have been met, a student will graduate with honours where a grade point average for all work over the four years of the programme has been achieved as follows:

Honours grade point average of 3.3 or higher but less than 3.7
First Class Honours average of 3.7 or higher


Each student is provided with an unofficial record of achievement on graduation. An official transcript may be obtained from the University by a student on payment of the prescribed fee.

Admission Procedures

Persons wishing to apply for admission to study in the Bachelor of Theology degree programme are expected to provide the University Admissions Officer with evidence that he or she meets the academic qualifications for admission, together with the specified application fee... See More

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