Structure of the Programme

Course Identification Codes

A code consisting of three letters followed by three digits is used to identify courses. The letters identify the discipline category to which the course belongs:

BIB indicates a Biblical Studies course
THE indicates a Theological Studies course
GEN indicates a General Studies course
MIN indicates a Ministry Studies course
    LDR indicates a Learning Contract

The first digit identifies the Programme of which the course is part. "1" or "2" indicate a Diploma course, "3 and "4" indicate a BTh course; the second digit identifies a course as either a mandatory -- “0” -- or elective course-- “1”. The final digit provides a unique course identification number.

As examples, the code “BIB 101” identifies the mandatory first year Diploma Biblical Studies course “Inductive Bible Study” while “EDU 312” identifies the third year BTh elective course on “Christian Education for all ages".

Admission Procedures

Persons wishing to apply for admission to study in the Bachelor of Theology degree programme are expected to provide the University Admissions Officer with evidence that he or she meets the academic qualifications for admission, together with the specified application fee... See More

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