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May 2019 Intake Ongoing


Who wants a messy county? Across the world, increased sanitation, city or county beautification and better quality of life leads to an improvement in the urban life. Vowing to make the county clean to boost civic pride and extend grateful service to the county, SCU took the initiative of cleaning up Machakos Town on Friday, 9th October, 2015. The event organized by the Student Council, PR and Marketing team, and the University Management, in partnership with Machakos Sub-county government, saw the SCU community join together with the county members and Machakos town residents in cleaning up most parts of Machakos town. Some of the places targeted were Kariobangi, Mjini, Country bus, Eastleigh and Machakos CBD.

Speaking during the clean-up exercise SCU Vice Chancellor Prof. Mumo Kisau said that SCU is committed to working with Machakos Sub county through carrying out more clean up days to ensure that Masaku is kept Clean. He also added that just as SCU is training Machakos County MCA’s in Leadership and Management, the University is also ready to train Machakos Sub county cleaning staff to equip them with relevant skills so as to enable them serve the sub county better. Machakos Sub county Administrator, Mr. Jackson Muthini, commended SCU for the clean-up initiative and welcomed the University to partner with Machakos county to make it the place to be.

The aim of the clean-up was to sensitize residents of Machakos town on the importance of good sanitation, better quality life and maintaining the reputation of the county, as the place to be. However, through this, SCU would be known for its services, not only through education, building leadership and growing faith, but also by giving back to the community through the community service event.  The clean-up focused on cleaning up the accumulated rubbish in public places.

With the slogan “Keeping Masaku Clean”, this event set up the pattern for following clean-up days. This was a motivation to the county government for the support from SCU to clean up the town, and it exhibited unity among the society around Machakos, the place to be.

Scott Christian University is becoming a leading example of accountability, opportunity of service through building leadership and growing faith for the transformation of the society and the world. It has fitted a legacy to the county government’s vision of a more beautiful, livable community.